Well in business you need to stand out with a pitch or a unique service. Well we save all of our sales pitches for your customers for product pages,service pages,ads and your customer email. Our service is unique because we are based on following marketing principals that get results in all industries.

No we are not weak marketers asking to start for free until you make sales. That offer is from marketers who just run through budgets trying to get lucky. Our approach is old school mixed with today's technology. 

The average product testing you been taught only last for 3 days. In that 3 day period if you do not get sales then it is on to the next product. Well our approach and how we judge ads and product pages is totally different. We know how to edit and update your product pages and store to thoroughly test a product. Instead of trying to get lucky we limit the amount of products to test and have gotten our clients sales in shorter amounts of time then any other programs around.

We build and edit stores for student/clients using CRO principals to raise the sales probability per visitor. On average new stores with sales convert at .24%.Basicly they convert 1 person every 400 visitors. That is insane stats and rather discouraging. The overall average for ecommerce stores is around 2%. How would you like to start at around 2% conversion rate while testing multiple products? How would you feel potentially being able to convert 4-6 people per 100 visitors? 

Of course you will feel great with those stats. We have had clients with up to 18%. We know which products and stores will fail and tell clients in advance. So please do not be surprised as a private label owner if we tell you that your product will not do well  online and we turn down marketing your company.

We do not accept every client nor do we market any and every product. We have insight via experience in different industries. Our family designed the 90's music and movie culture. Our family designed the blueprint for urban print on demand businesses and independent musicians. We scaled multiple brick & mortar business and online stores. 

We have been tested. We are proven. We are your only Choice For Ecommerce Marketing & Mentoring Services.

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